About Me

I’m a nurse and a writer with a passion for education.

I create test prep content for Higher Learning Technologies, helping to teach nurses and nursing students at every level, from nursing assistants to nurse practitioners. I am also a regular contributor to the NCLEX Mastery blog.

I also write about ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, mental health, and learning disorders at my own blog, The Distracted Mom. My article about collaborative and proactive solutions (Why Punishments Don’t Work (But What Works Better) is featured on ADD Resources and was shared by Dr. Ross Greene himself on his site, Lives in the Balance.

What I’m doing now:

My personal and professional experiences have lead me to pursue graduate studies in fall 2017.

I am particularly interested in how neurological differences and adverse childhood experiences affect learning and health outcomes. I hope to research the influences of neurodevelopmental conditions on behavior and choices and to identify interventions and supports that might improve outcomes for these individuals.